Night Hunger

Many people report being able to eat balanced meals during the day but struggle with snacking at night. This is fairly common and can happen for a various of reason. Being aware of why we do certain habits can help us stop it.

  1. Not eating enough during the day; if you restrict yourself too much during the day it will be very hard to shake off the hunger at night. Try eating more balanced meals containing fiber and protein. Also make sure you’re satisfied after eating your meals.
  2. Screen time; watching television containing commercials might be making you hungry. Commercials are often food centered, changing to a system that does not have commercial or has the option to skip them might help you. Another tip is to try to keep your hands busy while watching. You could also consider playing video games instead of television that way you avoid commercials and your hands are busy.
  3. Tiredness; you might be eating simply because you are tired and your body is trying to get energy from food. Try to get more or better sleep at night. This one is hard but research shows how coffee negatively affects our sleep even if we only drink it in the morning. If you struggle with falling asleep try cutting back on caffeine or switching to decaffeinated.
  4. Boredom or habit; you might also be hungry at night because you’ve always ate at that time. Your body is simply used to it. You can try to eat dinner later and make sure to include protein and fiber in your meal which will help you stay full longer. If you think it’s out of boredom try picking up a new hobby that would occupy you at night. It could be as simply as reading a book or joining a book club.

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