Should I make a smoothie?

Smoothies come in and out of popularity throughout the years and are known to be healthy. Many companies such as Jamba Juice or Smoothie King specializes in making delicious variations of flavors. Most often smoothies are a healthy choice, however there are things to consider especially if you’re not making it yourself.

When buying a smoothie make sure to pay attention to the calorie and portion size. Some of the smoothies offered at places like Smoothie King have over 1000 calories per serving. Sometimes the calories might seem reasonable but the portion size is very small. Always keep in mind, smoothies are liquid and will be digested faster than whole foods. This means you will start feeling hungry again earlier in the day.

Consider your appetite and eating habit, for example if you’re someone who is always hungry smoothies might not leave you satisfy. This will vary depending on what you put in it but generally speaking because of it’s liquid form it will be digested faster. On the other hand, if you’re someone who struggles to eat breakfast because you don’t have time or don’t feel very hungry in the morning, smoothies might be ideal for you. They can also make great snacks, again be careful not to overload them with calories. To help guide you in making healthy smoothies ask yourself this; would I eat everything I’m putting in the blender in one sitting? If the answer is yes than you’re good, if no rethink your ingredients. Most smoothies will have at least 250 calories per portion, they should be considered a meal or a snack not as a beverage to go with a meal.

The ingredients you use to make your smoothie are also very important. One thing often missing is protein which will also help keep you full. An easy way to add protein is to use greek or skyr yogurt, add a scoop of protein powder or natural nut butter. If using nut butter pay attention to the calories as some can be calorie dense. To add extra nutrients try adding some greens with the fruits like spinach or kale. Some green smoothies can be intimidating for people who don’t really like vegetables but if done right you will only taste the fruits. Try the recipe below:

Spinach Mango Banana Smoothie:

Using a magic bullet (or equivalent) single serve cup, fill it up with spinach and just enough water to liquify the leaves.

Once the leaves have become a green liquid, it should be a small amount at the bottom, add 1 small frozen banana or half of a large banana. Blend until it becomes a creamy consistency, you might need to add a bit of extra water, be careful not to add too much.

Once you have a creamy consistency add a small handful of frozen mango pieces. Blend until smooth.

Enjoy as a snack or breakfast with some nuts or yogurt on the side for protein.

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