Do I Have to be Sweating?

No, no and no! Too often we associate exercising with the image of being miserable running on a treadmill or any other cardio machine of our nightmares. I’ve often heard I don’t mind exercising I just hate sweating, especially in public places like a gym. The answer is simple, if gyms or other traditional workout place make you uncomfortable, don’t go. Exercising does not mean you have to be dripping sweat, you don’t even have to sweat at all.

The important thing when you’re considering incorporating exercise into your life is to keep yourself in mind. It’s easy to get extra motivated about a new resolution you’ve just made and want to jump all in. Just make sure when the excitement of the new fades you will still be happy with what exercise you’ve chosen and able to keep it up. Instead of jumping 100% in, take a step back and think about your life. Specifically think about how much time you have to dedicate, what do you enjoy doing, what will feel like your just doing an activity that makes you feel good vs a chore you feel you have to do.

Staying true to yourself is challenging but 100% worth it.

Most of us has tried an exercise regime in the past, if it failed explore why? If you enjoy going to a gym was it because you had a hard time motivating yourself or weren’t quite sure what to do? Try hiring help like a physical therapist or a personal trainer. If you were having a hard time getting to the gym try finding a YouTube channel offering home workout videos. If it failed because you were not enjoying the activity than try something completely different. It could even be a new sport you’ve never tried before. The most important is to find an activity you will look forward to. If you have a dog, but don’t enjoy walking, try taking him/her to a dog park and play fetch. This might not seem like much but it is exercise, you will have to bend down, throw the ball and yes sometimes walk to the ball when your best friend forgets to bring it back.

Never forget to take time in consideration, it is probably the number 1 reason why most of us fail to exercise. One comment that comes back is “I’m not a morning person and working out at night wakes me up too much I have a hard time falling asleep afterwards”. If this is you an exercise plan that’s less intense might be the solution. Something like yoga can be very calming, there are many different types of yoga, make sure to do your research before signing up for a class. If you have a hectic schedule and really have no time, how about a short walk on your lunch break at work? Walking is a great way to calm our mind and exercise without sweating a drop, unless it’s boiling hot outside!

Whatever it is, only you can figure this one out! Before jumping in 100% think back about why past attempts failed. This reason might not be obvious at first but dig deep. After you’ve figured out what doesn’t work, it will be much easier to eliminate some activities and find out what will. Most of all don’t be afraid to try something new!

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