Will a Dog Help Me Exercise?

Dogs are great pets but they also come with a lot of responsibility. Often people think having a dog will encourage them to go out for a walk. For some this might work, after all you will need to walk your dog especially if you have no backyard. Unfortunately, the people this usually works for, are the people who already enjoy walking. A dog will not change who you are, if you don’t enjoy walking you probably wont end up walking your dog everyday. This situation can even become sad, either the dog might develop obesity or you will resent your dog for all the responsibility it comes with.

If you do like walking and a dog might be the little extra motivation you need, try babysitting one. Dogs are very popular pets and many dog owners would love to have someone offer to watch their babies over the weekend or even for a full week. This will give them an opportunity for a trip without having to worry about boarding or babysitting costs, after all you’d be offering to watch for free. It would also allow you to see how dogs can demand a lot more out of us than what we might originally think. Another great way to find out if a dog is right for you is by fostering. Shelters are always looking for more people to foster pets before they find their forever home. You can even foster dogs for months before they get adopted, this would really allow you to get the feeling of what it’s like to care for a fur baby without the full commitment.

“Best friends are earned not bought”

Puppies are definitely hard to resist, especially if you’re looking at shelters, we all want to adopt them all. They also require the most work and attention, did you know most puppies are not able to hold their bladder for more than 3 hours. This can be challenging while working a full time job. They also require to be socialized to prevent unwanted behavior issues later on in life, have you looked for a dog park in your area? Most puppies will also go through a chewing phase also known as teething. In many ways a brand new puppy is just like having a small child. They will need to be thought how to use the bathroom (asking for the door), they will need to be fed multiples times a day and they will demand lots of attention. Keep in mind leaving a bowl of food filled up at all times does not work for every dog. This action can lead to your dog developing obesity. If this sounds overwhelming but you would still love a fur baby, consider adopting an older dog. Even a 1 year old would most likely already be housed trained and done with the teething phase, although some dogs are never quite done.

During covid-19 many decided to adopt a dog craving companionship while isolated. Dogs are great companions, treat them with love and respect, you will have a best friend. They can comfort us when we’re feeling lonely. They also require nurturing and respect, they are probably not your solution to commit to exercising but they may fill you up with joy. Before making the big decision, make sure you want a pet for the right reasons and make sure you will be able to give it the life it deserves.

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