What’s Worth Your Time?

Making time for our health is something most of us don’t do at all or don’t do enough. It’s so easy to simply state; I don’t have time to meal prep, I don’t have time to cook, I don’t have time to exercise, I don’t have time to “insert here”. Ask yourself this; what do you have time for? How many minutes are you wasting in your day without even thinking about it?

We are so use to telling ourselves excuses sometimes we never take the time to stop and think about it. Most of us spend more time than we realize on our multitude of devices. It’s too easy nowadays, we hear our phone vibrate and think “I’ll just quickly check this text message”. Next thing you know you also noticed a notification for this new you tube video and BOOM 1 hour has gone by. Was it worth your time?

Your time is worth money, literally, most of us get paid by the hour so spend it wisely. Is binge watching 3 hours of TV worth it? That’s almost half of a typical work day, think about all you accomplish at work. Think about all you could accomplish at home in that time. Something like doing the dishes takes on average about 10 minutes, cooking a meal can take about 30 minutes, doing your weekly meal prep can take 1-2 hours. Was binge watching TV worth your time? Was it worth the consequence on your health?

If you read this and think “yes, it was absolutely worth my time” than that’s awesome. We all like to spend our time differently but if you’re struggling with your health and know you don’t always spend your time wisely, try to be more aware of it. The elephant in the room is often tiredness. We are exhausted from our work day, raising our children, running around for other people. We put our own needs in the backseat and when we actually have an hour to ourselves we want to do NOTHING.

There is no easy solution, our life nowadays is fast paced. If you do feel exhausted try taking a nap instead of watching mindless TV or playing on any other device you have. Better yet, look at your sleep routine, are you getting enough sleep? Maybe try going to bed earlier or if you have a flexible schedule start your day a little later. We often get in this vicious cycle of being exhausted but not ready for bed so we end up mindlessly playing on our electronic devices. They all have bright lights and trick our brain in thinking it’s daytime, our body start fighting the tiredness telling us it’s daytime, we should be awake. The end result, we end up going to bed late and wake up tired the next morning and continue the same behavior of the day before. If this story sounds familiar, break the cycle.

Breaking the cycle can be trickier than just making the decision to do so. Most of the time to break a vicious cycle is to break a habit. In order to break a bad habit we have to avoid our habit cue. Here is an example; if spending hours on social media is your go to mindless activity try keeping your phone in a different room far away from you. You could even try locking it up in a safe or have a family member hide it for a certain amount of time. That way your cue, which is hearing your notifications, would be out of hearing reach and you would have an easier time avoiding your bad habit. A great way to help yourself build new better habit like cooking would be to tell yourself; after I finished cooking I will go get my phone and look at social media for X amount of time. Now you gave yourself a reward for doing a behavior that will help you improve your health. With time this new behavior will become a habit and instead of going home and automatically playing mindlessly on your phone. You will go home, put your phone out of hearing reach, cook dinner and then give yourself time to look at social media for an X amount of time.

This example might not resonate with you, there are a million other ways and reason to spend our time elsewhere than on ourselves. Challenge yourself and find out where are you spending your time? Are you wasting any of it on something you don’t truly enjoy? Could you find time somewhere to practice activities that would help you improve your health?

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