What Should I Eat

The famous question everyone who is trying to have healthier eating habits asks. Friends and family will usually throw in a few ideas about this super food or suggest this new fad diet. The elephant in the room is this; most of us already know what we should be eating and we should be asking ourselves not our friends and family. Think about it; very few people would start a debate arguing in favor of fast food being healthy. We however continue to eat foods we know our bad for us because of their convenience, our lack of time, our emotional connection to food, our lack of cooking skills, etc…

Instead of asking yourself what you should be eating consider asking; what could I eat more of that I’m already eating and I know is healthy? This might be a specific salad, certain fruits or side vegetable. Why this works is because you don’t have to invest anything to make it happen. You know you like the dish therefor you wont be wasting money buying new ingredients you might not like. You already know how to prepare it so there is less of a chance the ingredients will sit in your fridge until they rot because you simply don’t have time or the desire to learn how to prepare and cook a new vegetable.

The new great superfood of the month is great but it wont help you if you don’t like it. You might convince yourself to include it in your diet for a while but ultimately behavioral science shows we don’t continue or develop new habits when they don’t make us happy. More importantly is the fact that most fruit and vegetables could be considered superfoods. All fruits and vegetable have nutrients and vitamins in different degrees, the ones the media labels as superfoods are usually denser in them but again all fruits and vegetables are good for us. Even potatoes, which get a bad rep, can be beneficial to our health. A side note, the main issue with potatoes is the way we tend to prepare them, adding cream, butter and cheese which makes them high in calories and a lot more unhealthy.

Food diversity is still important especially if you have a very limited diet, we should try to incorporate new exciting foods so we don’t get food boredom. It’s also important to diversify our diet to get all the nutrient and vitamins we need. However if you’re at the beginning of you’re health journey with limited cooking skills or time and not sure where to start, eating more of what you already know might be just what you need. When you’re ready to incorporate a new food, try a new color. The vitamin and nutrient content of food varies more drastically in different colored fruits and vegetable, by eating the rainbow you make sure you get a little bit of everything your body needs.

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