Services and Pricing

We offer 1-1 telehealth nutrition counseling for people living with obesity in multiple states. We do not believe in giving our clients meal plans or diets, rather we focus on small behavioral and nutrition changes that suit their life and can be maintained lifelong. We explore the root causes of overeating and weight gain to help you better understand yourself and why diets don’t work. We strongly believe in focusing on overall health rather than weight itself, that doesn’t mean we don’t help people lose weight. If you’re tired of being told how to manage your health but overwhelmed at making changes on your own, you’re in the right place!

Contact us via email, text or phone to book a session or for more information. We recommend booking a session prior to paying to make sure our availability matches yours.

After booking your session you will be sent a pre session questionnaire, this is to help us know exactly what you hope to gain from our session. It also helps us get to know you a little and be better prepare. You are not obligated to fill out the questionnaire but it will help us give you the most out of your session. We can also analyze your lab work, if available. This will also help us know exactly which area of nutrition your body is struggling with.

  • Initial Session: 100$
  • Follow Up Session: 90$
  • Recurrent Monthly Payment for Follow Up Sessions: 90$ per month
  • 1 Monthly Session for 1 Year: 1000$

We do not currently take insurance but we’re working on it!

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