Unhealthy Snacking

Snacking also known as a convenient way to eat food quickly or on the go is a major contributor to the rise in obesity. When we think back, not that long ago, a snack would mostly be fruits or vegetables if it was part of our day at all. Do you remember as a childContinue reading “Unhealthy Snacking”

What’s Worth Your Time?

Making time for our health is something most of us don’t do at all or don’t do enough. It’s so easy to simply state; I don’t have time to meal prep, I don’t have time to cook, I don’t have time to exercise, I don’t have time to “insert here”. Ask yourself this; what doContinue reading “What’s Worth Your Time?”

Change is Hard

Have you ever started an exercise regimen recommended to you by a friend which had worked wonders for him/her but isn’t doing anything for you? This happens to most of us, our bodies respond differently to exercise based on our body type, genetics, brain but also our lives. We often look for the magic cure,Continue reading “Change is Hard”

Should I Count My Calories?

Counting calories can be a great way to monitor your food intake but it’s not for everyone. The main risk with this method is reducing our calories too drastically by following a 1500 or 2000 calorie restriction recommended by the internet or an app. Someone who normally eats 3000 calorie would find it difficult toContinue reading “Should I Count My Calories?”

The Set Point Theory

The set point theory refers to the idea of our weight being predetermined by our body. In other words our body has it’s own weight it tries to achieve and maintain regardless of our own personal goals. More research is needed to fully understand how our body determines it’s set point. However most agree itContinue reading “The Set Point Theory”

Food Addiction or Food Craving

Food addiction remains a controversial subject amongst scientist. After all, how can we be addicted to something essential to our survival. Some research does show it is possible for some of us to become addicted to food. This is most likely possible because the food we eat today is highly processed and packed with sugarContinue reading “Food Addiction or Food Craving”

Diets Don’t Work

About 45 million Americans start a new diet each year, for 95% of them the diet will fail. If you’re one of the 42 million in this situation understand you did not fail but the diet itself failed you. Most diet promises rapid weight loss using drastic measures. In our motivation we often fail toContinue reading “Diets Don’t Work”

Do I Have to be Sweating?

No, no and no! Too often we associate exercising with the image of being miserable running on a treadmill or any other cardio machine of our nightmares. I’ve often heard I don’t mind exercising I just hate sweating, especially in public places like a gym. The answer is simple, if gyms or other traditional workoutContinue reading “Do I Have to be Sweating?”

Our Microbiome

The microbiome refers to all microbiota (micro organisms such as bacteria) living on or inside our body. Fun fact; your body contains more bacteria cells than human cells and they are powerful. Specifically when it comes with it’s association with obesity. They can make digestion more efficient, which leads to an increase in calories consumed.Continue reading “Our Microbiome”