The Food Industry

Obesity started increasing rapidly in the 1990’s in the United States and is still on the rise today. We still have much to learn like how to avoid having our brain and hormones crave the foods we know are making us sick. In truth, we not only have to fight ourselves to make daily conscientiousContinue reading “The Food Industry”

Surgical Treatment of Obesity

Has anyone in your life mentioned or recommended bariatric surgery to you? It can be quite overwhelming to decide if surgery is the right choice. Surgery can be a great option; for example someone who’s disease state is severely impacting their health and emotional well being. Always keep in mind it is a lifelong commitmentContinue reading “Surgical Treatment of Obesity”

What we know about obesity

Obesity is a complex chronic disease that develops with an excessive accumulation of body fat. The accumulation of fat, specifically when the fat accumulation is around vital organs such as the liver MAY impact someone’s health. As a chronic disease we do not have a cure for it and it must be treated through aContinue reading “What we know about obesity”