What Should I Eat

The famous question everyone who is trying to have healthier eating habits asks. Friends and family will usually throw in a few ideas about this super food or suggest this new fad diet. The elephant in the room is this; most of us already know what we should be eating and we should be askingContinue reading “What Should I Eat”

Your Inner Self Talk

What does your inner self sound like? Is it positive and encouraging? Or negative and depressing? Our inner self talk is extremely powerful, after all it’s the message you’re telling yourself and your brain. Telling our brain something over and over again will encourage it to come true! Next time you hear your inner selfContinue reading “Your Inner Self Talk”

Unhealthy Snacking

Snacking also known as a convenient way to eat food quickly or on the go is a major contributor to the rise in obesity. When we think back, not that long ago, a snack would mostly be fruits or vegetables if it was part of our day at all. Do you remember as a childContinue reading “Unhealthy Snacking”

What’s Worth Your Time?

Making time for our health is something most of us don’t do at all or don’t do enough. It’s so easy to simply state; I don’t have time to meal prep, I don’t have time to cook, I don’t have time to exercise, I don’t have time to “insert here”. Ask yourself this; what doContinue reading “What’s Worth Your Time?”

The Food Industry

Obesity started increasing rapidly in the 1990’s in the United States and is still on the rise today. We still have much to learn like how to avoid having our brain and hormones crave the foods we know are making us sick. In truth, we not only have to fight ourselves to make daily conscientiousContinue reading “The Food Industry”

Change is Hard

Have you ever started an exercise regimen recommended to you by a friend which had worked wonders for him/her but isn’t doing anything for you? This happens to most of us, our bodies respond differently to exercise based on our body type, genetics, brain but also our lives. We often look for the magic cure,Continue reading “Change is Hard”

Should I Count My Calories?

Counting calories can be a great way to monitor your food intake but it’s not for everyone. The main risk with this method is reducing our calories too drastically by following a 1500 or 2000 calorie restriction recommended by the internet or an app. Someone who normally eats 3000 calorie would find it difficult toContinue reading “Should I Count My Calories?”

Salt is Salt

Sodium or salt is a flavor enhancer, it’s main property is to make our food taste good. On top of that it also helps preserve food allowing it to stay longer on the shelfs at the grocery store. This is why salt is now in almost all of our food product in monstrous amounts. SaltContinue reading “Salt is Salt”

What We Do Without Thinking

Have you ever experienced doing a task without remembering doing it? This can be as simple as flushing the toilet. When we do such task without mental recognition it’s usually because they are habits of ours. A habit can be very good because in design they happen to allow us to focus our mental energyContinue reading “What We Do Without Thinking”

How Our Parents Habits Influence Our Current Behaviors

A lot of what we do in our day to day life started by mimicking our parents behaviors. Some of you might have experienced this by receiving comments such as “you remind me so much of your mother”. The adoption of our parents mannerism through years of living with them became habits. A habit isContinue reading “How Our Parents Habits Influence Our Current Behaviors”