What Should I Eat

The famous question everyone who is trying to have healthier eating habits asks. Friends and family will usually throw in a few ideas about this super food or suggest this new fad diet. The elephant in the room is this; most of us already know what we should be eating and we should be askingContinue reading “What Should I Eat”

Your Inner Self Talk

What does your inner self sound like? Is it positive and encouraging? Or negative and depressing? Our inner self talk is extremely powerful, after all it’s the message you’re telling yourself and your brain. Telling our brain something over and over again will encourage it to come true! Next time you hear your inner selfContinue reading “Your Inner Self Talk”

The Set Point Theory

The set point theory refers to the idea of our weight being predetermined by our body. In other words our body has it’s own weight it tries to achieve and maintain regardless of our own personal goals. More research is needed to fully understand how our body determines it’s set point. However most agree itContinue reading “The Set Point Theory”